Hello i am Gigabyte! I'm some fucking excuse of a straight 16 year old furry with talent in web design, art, and communication (suprisingly). Well i may sound more depressed than Grade A Under A before he dissapeared, im doing better than last year. What a shit show last year was.

Most people may have clicked off when they read "furry" but hear me out. I may be one but that doesn't mean I'm a fucking TokTok thot. I'm a Vidlii thot get it right.

I made this website back in 2019 as a way of escaping my horrid situation fille with fighting and my cousin being a fucking degenerate fatass. No joke my dad's side of the family is fore disfunctional than the family you would see in Malcolm In The Middle but thats why I was making this website to begin with!

Last year Vidlii let me be a partner and I'm still super stoked about it. The support I was getting from my videos was fantastic so I decided to make that another reason to make this site. So people could hop on and see my updates and what I was working on.

The website started late september of 2019 with the old Apple layout. And if some of you veterans remember that layout I will gladly shoehorn a veterans tab on the old layout. Also please if you want to check out any of my old layouts, click the more button the three dots next to the email tab and click 'Archives' towards the bottom. You should get the archives of every website I've made since 2019!

This is a very short about page but eh, I can update it.

Written: 2/8/2020