Written June 13th, 2023

Hello! My name is Michael, I usually go by my online alias Gigabyte.

Welcome to my website! Here I just write about subjects and make videos on others. My primary focus of this website is to share my hobbies with the world, and throw a few laughs along the way!

Sounds chiche, but I'm really doing what I love by being here.

Please feel free to look around! I have plenty of projects and I'm more than happy to continue making some more.

Happy Browsing! -Gigabyte

Videos are now hosted away from YouTube!

Written Janurary 24th, 2024

What does this mean?

Well it means better browser support. And it means I get to control what gets put on my site easier!
One thing that sucks with YouTube Embeds is there's always a chance the video will be taken down, maybe they'll change the way embeds work breaking mine, or what have you.
Also: It barely matches my site! How am I meant to have this skeuomorphic paradise when someone moves a chair in the past and causes this flat bullshit to appear in my videos feed? >:(

HTML 5 and Flash, that's how!

I know the flash thing will startle a few of you, but here's the thing: It's not as much of a vulnerability if you're smart and have your older machines set up in a secure network
I don't have flash installed, FireFox has long since removed flash, and I'm only doing this for ancient systems anyway.

To be fair: There's always Ruffle.js which does a damn good job with running flash applets in pure JavaScript but I seem to have issues with the flash players I set up in testing.
I bet it's something to do with ActionScript 3 and Ruffle having less accuracy with that than ActionScript 1 and 2.

I digress. Anyway:

Thanks for reading!

New year, New things.

Written Janurary 20th, 2024

Happy belated New Year!

I just notice a whole hell of a cluster of people are visiting my website on the daily basis. Over 500 people visited The Vault back in December!
Over 500! That's fucking nuts! Thank you guys, seriously! My hodge podge of a website is gaining traction and that truly means alot to me.

Which is why: I want to come back to this site more often. I'm gonna make a habit at keeping this site """up to date""" and add some occasional content.

First off: I just found a few articles from the old days, around about 2019-early 2020. I want to move those relics back onto here, absolutely unchanged save for some typos and formatting.
You guys get to read my writing from nearly five years ago, and marvel in its possibly horrid glory!

I've also recently decided to start taking commissions. I'm still figuring out how I want to keep it running, but if you're interested: There's more info on my tumblr blog.

Main project I need to do is set up a portfolio page where there's easy access to my previous work.

In conclusion: Thanks for taking a look around my website! I may add a guestbook here somewhere, we'll see!

Thanks for reading!

I bought a domain!

Written October 11th, 2023

That's right! This site is more official!

Even with me being a complete nobody at the moment: I'm still putting money into my site.

Now the url is much easier to remember, and since I'm paying for neocities: I can do alot more with my site than before.
One thing I didn't even consider was uploading my music to my site wouldn't have been entirely possible since that's a paid feature.

But you gotta pay bills somehow.

One gripe I do have about the whole setup process is acutally getting the domain set up and ready to go.

The tutorial on how to set up an external domain wasn't very clear, so I ended up spending a couple days figuring out why my domain wasn't connecting to neocities.
Come to find out, on the NameCheap Control Panel: The host isn't a label, and is actually a kind of command (That's the best way I can explain it, due to my imited knowledge)

So instead of the host being "Neocities" it needed to be an "@" symbol. Go figure.

The documentation didn't really say that, and it took me reading a StackOverflow post to get it.

But: It's all up and running now, bit of a late post. Better late than never.

Thanks for reading!

New Site Update!

Written June 13th, 2023

I could just use Tumblr for this, but I feel this needs a proper front page article.

I miss the internet of 2012, so I decided to recreate a portion of it using my website.

I think it came out great, and perfectly captures what I love and miss about the internet of the late 2000's and early 2010's

Skeuomorphism, ribbons, a functional layout that gets the point across, and pure good ol' passion!

This site was tested and working on Chrome v20 from July 2012. So theoretically: You should be able to render this site using a proxy!

I will say: It's a stark difference from the landing page, but I'm perfectly fine with that. Just expect some broken css when you use an older browser. It should work just fine, otherwise.

I'll write an article explaining how to do that soon. For now: Welcome to my comfort zone!

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